Mires Beck Nursery - a place to go, a place to like, a place to grow.

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About Mires Beck Nursery

Mires Beck Nursery is a registered charity providing opportunities for people who have a learning difficulty or disability to be involved in a working horticultural nursery. The nursery was originally established in 1985 by founders Richard and Irene Tinklin who acquired a 10acre site just to the south of the village of North Cave in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Their aim was to establish a nursery producing wildflowers for conservation projects. They also had a vision of Mires Beck being a place where people could come to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening and horticulture.


Mires Beck became a registered charity in 1994 and over the past 20 years has grown steadily both in terms of infrastructure and the number of people involved. We now have a good range of glasshouses and buildings to provide excellent facilities for everyone involved. The conservation value of the site has also been significantly improved by the planting of over 6000 trees, creation of a large pond and planting of hedges and wildflowers.


Each week over 90 people come and are involved in a wide range of tasks and jobs including sowing seeds, potting on, taking cuttings, planting trees, establishing hedges, developing flower borders and many more.