Mires Beck Nursery - a place to go, a place to like, a place to grow.

Service Users

Our primary purpose is to provide a pleasant, enjoyable environment where people with a learning disability or physical disability can develop their skills, increase their self esteem and confidence. Our service users are actively involved in the growing and care of a wide range of plants which are sold onsite and to wholesale customers. Service users are also involved in the estate management, gardening, wildflower production and a variety of seasonal crafts.

I’d like to come to Mires Beck, what is the procedure?

Referrals can be made through anybody involved with your care (eg Social Worker, Care Co-ordinator, Parent, Carer) or you can make a self-referral. Once we have been contacted we will arrange for you to come and have a look around. If you like what you see we will then arrange a trial day, which will give you the opportunity to see if you enjoy the kind of activities we do at Mires Beck. Following on from the trial day, subject to there being a position available, we will more than happily welcome you. Funding is usually arranged through your Social Worker. If you do not have a Social Worker, please speak to us about costs and payments. Transport to Mires Beck is usually available.


My name is Lee. I have been coming to Mires Beck for 15 years. I work with the Plant Preparation Team getting plants ready for sale at the nursery and other garden centres. My favourite job at Mires Beck is preparing the plants for sale.

I am Hayley. I come to Mires Beck twice a week and work in the Anniversary Garden. I like music time and working with Shelley.