Our Christmas Shop 

Please come have a look at our Mires Beck Nursery Christmas shop for your Christmas gifts, ornaments and decorations. We have a fantastic display in the herb greenhouse opposite the retail area. 
All decorations, ornaments and bug hotels have been hand crafted by our amazing volunteers, who have had to take to places of our service users who would usually hand craft these for you. 
We're constantly upgrading and expanding the facilities at Mires Beck to allow more service users to experience the benefit of horticultural work. Please help us by donating to our Just Giving website

What If I Want To Collect It When I Feel It's Safe? 

If you would like one of our items but can't collect it just yet, please give us a ring or contact us on our Facebook, and we will hold that item to the side for you until Friday 18th December (when we close). You can collect them anytime until this date. 

Our Christmas Trees 

At our Christmas shop, we sell real Fraser Fir, Nordman Fir and Norway Spruce Christmas trees, to encourage our customers to be more eco-friendly. 
Be part of the Green Action Plan, to reduce pollution in your area, and release more oxygen with these festive trees. You can also reuse your Christmas tree by planting them in your garden or in a pot, and it will keep for the year after. These are not throw away trees, but instead they will make a great addition in your garden, even after Christmas! You can put them in a pot again in your living room just in time for Christmas! Let's make the world a better place. 
Imagine these amazing trees looking beautifully decorated in your living room or garden. 
How about a little tree for a smaller area, so that you are still looking after the environment, and are still feeling good! 

Our other ornaments and decorations: 

Planted wheelbarrow - the perfect gift for a loved one's garden 
Put-together reindeer and decorations - a puzzle for your children to put together! With festive decorations for your dinner table. 
Cute mini Santas and Snowmen - cute little gifts for that special someone 
Christmas Tree Decorations - decorate your Christmas tree with our amazing decorations! 
Time for tea! - our fresh herbs and jars of herbs would make great gifts for a friend 
Ornaments and Christmas tree decorations - beautiful ornaments for your living room and amazing decorations for your Christmas tree 
A nativity set! - perfect for your living room! 
Lots of plants! - gift your loved one with one of our Aloe Vera plants this year 
Wreaths and ornaments - imagine having a gorgeous wreath on your door for the neighbours to see! 
Santas, reindeers and small ornaments - imagine these cute little ornaments on your table while having your Christmas dinner 
Bug Houses - allow your garden wildlife to enjoy these amazing bug houses! Some are themed! 
Willow Wreaths - hang one of our willow wreaths on your front door to show off to your neighbours! 
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