My Best Self 

Every day at Mires Beck our service users strive to be the best that they can be. Even on the coldest days, people arrive at our horticultural nursery ready to get involved in whatever tasks we have planned for them. The enthusiasm with which our trainees approach life is inspiring and we could not be prouder than when someone is growing in ability and confidence. Our staff and volunteers are always ready to give the best of themselves to ensure everyone has the best day possible and are an absolute credit to society. All year round we are engaged in wonderful work with our service users producing plants and trees and developing our beautiful rural site for all who visit. 
To honour our people and commit to improving their lives, we want to make sure that we give everyone involved in the charity every opportunity to thrive and succeed in their efforts to achieve their best results and we need you to help us deliver the best service that we can. Please be inspired by our example and see ideas of what you can do on our How To Get Involved page and have a  
'Best Self Day' for someone who needs your help. 
At the nursery, each week we will be setting a goal for one of our teams and will raise funds through our own friends and family for each team to ensure we are helping our Best Selves fundraising campaign. 
We are challenging you to be the best that you can be for one day, or however many days you want to engage in helping another person less able than yourself and show the joy in your fund raising by getting friends and family involved as your supporters and sharing video /photographic content with us. Your testimonials are vital and any dedications in your evidence are key to inspiring others. We welcome as many photos, videos and testimonials from your efforts to help Mires Beck and this website will hopefully inspire you, bring you as much joy to watch as for those taking part, especially those benefitting from your best efforts to fundraise for us. 
This website is dedicated to fundraising for each service user for the following requirements to help us best enable all day to day operations at the nursery: 

One-to-One Training 

Digital Support 

Tools and Equipment 

Recreational Activities 

Craft Materials 


Service User and Family Events 

Nature and Wildlife Activities 

We are not a large charity but a large charity within East Yorkshire and we know that people love to support local causes for good. So please go ahead and get involved with whatever activity you excel in doing to be Your Best Self. If you are unable to fundraise but want to help us becoming an annual Friend of Mires Beck, please find the link to download the application form here
The My Best Self Day each May will celebrate all achievement and be an opportunity for us to come together at Mires Beck for a national day of community with music, refreshment and sharing. 

Fundraising Donations 

We are very grateful for any fundraising or donations to help the charity, either from individuals, groups or corporate sponsorship. 
For any other donations feel free to Contact Us 
Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate 
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