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Dates for your diary - 2020 
Please note that all events are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
All March through to August events we will be releasing new availability for 2021. 
28-Mar-20 Castaway Singer from Goole 
04-Apr-20 Deep Drop into Sound with Kat Griffin 
05-Apr-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
11-Apr-20 Easter Egg Hunt 
16-Apr-20 Butterfly Dream Catcher 
18-Apr-20 Get to Know Your Sewing Machine Workshop 
18-Apr-20 Pricking Out Day 
19-Apr-20 Loom Class 
25-Apr-20 Soundbath Earth Day Connection with Kat Griffin 
26-Apr-20 Loom Class 
02-May-20 Flower Arranging 
03-May-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
04-May-20 Tai Chi 
16-May-20 Pricking Out Day 
16-May-20 Charity Dinner at Drewtons 
18-May-20 Tai Chi 
22-May-20 Soundbath Celebrating the New Moon with Kat Griffin 
23-May-20 Cacao and Southbath Ceremony with Kat Griffin 
23-May-20 Wellbeing Retreat 
24-May-20 Wellbeing Retreat 
30-May-20 Taster Pottery Class 
01-Jun-20 Tai Chi 
05-Jun-20 Loom Class 
06-Jun-20 Soundbath following the Full Strawberry Moon eclipse in Sagittaries 
07-Jun-20 Tai Chi 
13-Jun-20 Loom Class 
15-Jun-20 Tai Chi 
20-Jun-20 June in Bloom 
21-Jun-20 June in Bloom 
21-Jun-20 Soundbath celebrating the New Moon and eclipse in Cancer with Kat Griffin 
27-Jun-20 Pottery Taster Class 
04-Jul-20 Soundbath Celebrating Full Buck moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn 
05-Jul-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
18-Jul-20 Flower Arranging 
18-Jul-20 Soundbath New Moon Cancer 
01-Aug-20 Soundbath Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius 
02-Aug-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
15-Aug-20 Flower Arranging 
15-Aug-20 Soundbath New Moon in Virgo 
22-Aug-20 Big Camp Out 
23-Aug-20 Big Camp Out 
05-Sep-20 Willow Weaving 
06-Sep-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
12-Sep-20 Flower Arranging 
03-Oct-20 Woodcarving 
18-Oct-20 Woodcarving 
24-Oct-20 Flower Arranging 
21-Nov-20 Flower Arranging 
01-Nov-20 Carer's Drop in Sunday 
21-Nov-20 Willow Weaving 
05-Dec-20 Flower Arranging - Christmas 
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