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As we are coming towards spring, we are looking forward to brighter, longer and warmer days, where we can appreciate the fresh air and the experience the world coming back to life. Just looking we can see the spring new life everywhere, the birds are singing, plants are poking their heads up above ground, and the first lambs are being born. If you are lucky as we are in our area, we can watch them with their mothers grazing in the fields in the countryside. It is all amazing to see Mother Nature in full flow and so needed at this time after the cold isolated winter of this difficult period in our history. Let’s hope this spring that we can finally start to go and enjoy the outdoors together and breathe in this new life as we venture out for exercise and adventure. 
At Mires Beck, we are hopeful for the year ahead to return to some sense of normality as we currently prepare the nursery for the plant season. From our day service provision for those who are vulnerable in our society, we hope that our service users will all be vaccinated and return to us throughout the spring months and that they will be able to return to their sense of normal so urgently needed for their families. Equally important through this much awaited vaccine period of spring 2021, are the staff and volunteers who we hope can once again work together to help us take care of our service users, help to produce the plants and look after the nursery gardens and woodland. Volunteering at the nursery is a great way to get outdoors. We also hope that our customers will return to help us further the work of the charity, and that coming back here will help them feel refreshed and calm at this wonderful outdoor place where they can hear the birdsong and see the array of plants in full health growing on the nursery beds. 
Let’s make ourselves feel better this Spring by nurturing our plants (whether they’re inside or outside) giving them some TLC, even wiping the dust off the leaves (if you have houseplants), and tending to those in the garden showing the effects of winter to help their new life push through. This is the beauty of perennials which we are specialist growers of at the nursery with over 150 varieties available throughout the year to add to your garden borders. This kind of horticultural work is a great therapy and can make you feel much better throughout the restrictions we face and can show you that when you work just a little on something it can grow into something healthy and strong. Please look after yourselves in these difficult times and if you can make it here we are a safe outside site to visit. 
For spring activities you could even make a bird feeder from Lizzie’s video on our Mires Beck TV page to help bring life into your garden or around your house. It is fascinating watching birds eat from the food you have provided for them, especially if you’ve made the bird feeder! Our volunteers have been making some great bird boxes and feeders for the spring and are available from £8 at the retail shop. If you have a rural garden, perhaps you could help our squirrel friends by providing them with a drink of water, and some food (such as nuts, berries and seeds). 
At Mires Beck Nursery, there are a lot of things coming up on our site this spring! We are building our bird feeding station where you will hopefully catch a glimpse of the many species of birds that frequent our woodland and the waters surrounding the nursery. We have also installed a new woodland stop off point where you will be able to read about the nature we have within our habitat. If you are visiting this area you will see the rapid expansion of the tree nursery where we are growing 150,000 British varieties of trees this year for large scale planting projects in the East Riding. Also, get ready for our amazing stock of plants, prepared by our wonderful teams we have some beautiful plants springing up on our spring beds, such as Twilights, Blackfields and Arc-en-ciel! 
Please donate to our Just Giving website so that we can continue to maintain and expand the site further for our service users with safe working areas, tools and equipment. 
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