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What Is the Brimstone Butterfly? 

In recent years, the Brimstone Butterfly has spread, especially in Northern England. This butterfly is usually the first of the year to spot! The females have very pale wings that almost look white, and the males have yellow-green wings. Their wings resemble leaves, which helps them hide from predators when they’re roosting among foliage. They love nesting and thriving in scrubby grassland, woodlands, roadside verges and hedgerows. Did you know that the Brimstone Butterfly travels miles to find the perfect bush to lay its eggs on! 

What Do Brimstone Butterflies Love? 

Alder Buckthorn (Frangula alnus) is beloved by Brimstone Butterflies. This tree can be found in wet woodlands, heathlands and riverbanks, and is the sole food of Brimstone Butterfly larvae. The flowers that bloom from the Buckthorn provides food sources of nectar and black berries. Brimstone Butterflies are often seen in the South and East of England, however, they are barely seen in the North of England due to the lack of Alder Buckthorn. 

What Is Hull Butterfly City? 

In 2019, a project was created to make Hull the UK’s first “butterfly city”, according to Hull City Council News. This project aimed to plant at least 3000 Alder Buckthorn trees in the city to increase the numbers of the brimstone butterfly, and prevent biodiversity loss. In 2019, Hull Butterfly City planted 1200 Alder Buckthorn trees. More have been planted by OHOF (One Hull Of a Forest), Hull City Council, and Highways England, who have been planting them on the A63. 

What Are Mires Beck Doing About It? 

The tree team at Mires Beck Nursery initially provided the 1000 bare root Alder Buckthorn trees for the Butterfly City project, and this year grew the 1500 cell grown trees now being distributed. This will spread and increase the populations of the Brimstone Butterfly in the North of England, and improve the ecosystem of different communities. 

What Can You Do About It? 

You can buy our Alder Buckthorn trees to plant in your garden to increase the population of Brimstone Butterflies and other wildlife in your area, or donate/fundraise to our charity so that we can continue to grow them and sell them to massive projects, spreading them around the UK for more Brimstone Butterflies to thrive in different areas. 
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