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We are teaming up with National Children's Gardening Week: https://www.childrensgardeningweek.co.uk/ 

Benefits of Sewing Wildflowers for Pollinators 

Planting wildflowers in your garden will bring your garden to life! Lots of different pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, beetles, and moths, will come into your garden to taste the delicious nectar you have planted for them. This will then make birds and other predators very interested as they will have lots of yummy insects to choose from! Overall, this will fill your garden with a range of amazing wildlife. 
Sunflowers are a great way to teach children how to grow wildflowers, as they can learn the cycle of planting the sunflower seeds, watering them and watching them grow, then the collection of the seeds, planting again, and watching the next generation of sunflowers grow. 

Variety of Species 

Here at Mires Beck Nursery we have around 106 species of the Yorkshire Provenance Wildflowers, which means all of the seed is native and from Yorkshire. Some examples of our wildflower species are: Foxglove, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Wood Anemone, English Bluebells, and Giant Mulliane. 

The Difference Between Annuals and Perennials 

Annual plants grow and die all in one year. 
Perennials are plants where once you’ve planted them, they will grow and die every year for several years, such as Aquilegia ‘Origami Red and White’s. 
These perennial plants are able to do this because their seeds get spread by wind and birds, and then they are able to keep growing for more years. 

How big is our seed bank? 

Did you know, we have, stored in our seed bank, 3000 actual pockets of seed a year! Our seed banks are ‘every 6 years’ banks, because if we have a bad weathered year, or we have had a couple bad weathered years, we can go to all the seed we have saved up, and still produce a whole range of wildflowers. 

What Large Conservation Projects Have We Served? 

We have served a whole range of conservation projects, including the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the National Trust Estate in Nottingham. 
We have been involved with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for years, and even more now because of the extension of their North Cave Wetlands, where we provide them with phragmites and other wildflower plants. 
We have supplied the Yorkshire Millennium Trust several times with our beautiful wildflowers to improve their project of turning their grazing fields back into wildflower-rich meadows. 

What's On At Mires Beck? 

To celebrate National Children’s Gardening Week, we have got packets of sunflower seeds to be given for a donation that will be donated to the Green Fingers charity. As well as the opportunity to have sunflower fun, we will also be giving out sheets which include colouring, word search, and more! With parent’s permission, we would love to see you planting your sunflower seeds at home, so please tag us in your pictures on Facebook (@miresbecknursery), Twitter (@MiresBeck), and Instagram (@miresbeck). 
We also have our Jubilee In June event coming up 11th and 12th June 10am-3pm both days! Come along to see music and performances, vendors, our Mires Beck Cafe, family activities, and more! 

Volunteer At A Local Area Near You 

Wouldn’t it be great to volunteer to learn new gardening skills at a local gardening project near you? Please click on the links below to find volunteer gardening positions near you: 
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