Trees are a precious natural asset and, as a natural carbon sink, are a vital part of the fight against climate change. Woodlands and forests will play an important role in the UK’s efforts to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is why the government is committed to planting 11 million trees by 2022. Funding for this scheme was announced by HM Treasury in the 2018 Autumn Budget. 
By planting more trees and creating new woodland, land managers also provide a range of other ecosystem benefits such as preventing flood risk, soil conservation and boosting biodiversity. 

Tree Nursery 

We are a young tree nursery which will grow approximately 70,000 trees annually from British seed procured from controlled supply which is batch coded for traceability to conform to plant health regulations. Trees are grown in root trainers which unlike bare root trees, better hold the water and can therefore be held for longer durations before planting needs to take place. We have the capacity and operational knowledge to grow large volume orders for conservation projects, carbon emission offsetting projects and currently supply many county tree planting schemes.  
We are currently working with the Hull Butterfly City initiative growing Alder Buckthorn to encourage the Brimstone Butterfly amongst 24 other native varieties. (Please see our tree list below in Tree Prices.) Our tree planting numbers are shared with the HEYwoods management team to contribute to their Northern Forest planting target and we have recently planted another 2000 trees on our conservation area onsite. 
We are working towards developing a programme with service personnel veterans to engage them in learning about tree planting. 

Tree Production 

We have a young tree nursery growing our British seeds in root trainers. Our trees are traceable and come with their own passport. We have capacity and resource to grow on large volumes for large scale planting and conservation projects. 
We procure native seed and bring it on in seed trays. 
When young trees have germinated we transfer to root trainers. 
After time in the tree nursery, the trees are moved to mature outside. 
Trees are sold to rural and urban projects. 
We also provide certain tree plants to the onsite retail stock. 

What we grow for Habitat and Conservation projects 

This video is aimed at the UK landowner looking to improve the biodiversity of their land. This may be in the form of planting trees, planting hedges, creating wildflower meadows, building new ponds or renewing older ones, improving filed margins or creating cover for game. The video explains the key advantages to the consumer of the products and services available and why Mires Beck is the one stop shop for all your habitat creating needs. 

  Our Customers 

Communication from Supporters 

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