Tree Nursery 

We are a young tree nursery which will grow approximately 40,000 trees annually from British seed procured from controlled supply which is batch coded for traceability to conform to plant health regulations. Trees are grown in root trainers which unlike bare root trees, better hold the water and can therefore be held for longer durations before planting needs to take place. We have the capacity and operational knowledge to grow large volume orders for conservation projects, carbon emission offsetting projects and currently supply many county tree planting schemes.  
We are currently working with the Hull Butterfly City initiative growing Alder Buckthorn to encourage the Brimstone Butterfly amongst 24 other native varieties. Our tree planting numbers are shared with the HEYwoods management team to contribute to their Northern Forest planting target and we have recently planted another 600 trees on our conservation area onsite. 

Tree Production 

We have a young tree nursery growing bare roots from seeds collected on site and from locally controlled woodland. We have capacity and resource to grow on large volumes for large scale planting and conservation projects. 
We procure native seed and bring it on in seed trays. 
When young trees have germinated we transfer to root trainers. 
After time in the tree nursery, the trees are moved to mature outside. 
Trees are sold to rural and urban projects. 
We also provide certain tree plants to the onsite retail stock. 

Conservation - Adopt A Tree 

There are now over 6000 trees planted on the 14 acres of conservation land and our young peaceful woodland sits alongside a 4 acre green belt where we have planted a wildflower meadow, willow maze and hedgerows. Here you have the freedom to experience the natural setting of the nursery and see many species of insect wildlife. We are expanding the woodland to celebrate the 25th anniversary and have 350 Silver Birch trees being planted this November. These trees will be available for adoption. Our number will contribute to the National Forest tree planting target. We have many varieties of birds on site of and our pond plays host to various aquatic species. A new pond dipping platform and bird watching station are being built to allow more learning with the service users. 
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