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Our Wildflowers 

At Mires Beck we grow a wide selection of native wildflowers. All are of Yorkshire Provenance following the established codes of conduct by Flora Locale. Our wildflower plants are available in 9cm pots and 115cc Rootrainers, either at the nursery or by mail order. 
We are happy to offer advice on species selection for any location or habitat and a suitable way to establish them. We have supplied large numbers of Rootrainers plugs to organisations including the RSPB, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, local authorities and the Environment Agency. 
Delivery charges apply for any delivery made by courier. 
(Minimum Delivery Orders of £100)
Deposits required for large scale wildflower and phragmites production orders. 
Mires Beck grows an extensive range of Yorkshire Provenance wildflowers holding a seed base for 100 varieties and is updated regularly. 
"We have long been extremely grateful to Mires Beck for being a reliable producer of wildflower plug plants sown from locally sourced seed. Having seen their seed collection in the brown paper bags I know they are trustworthy. What’s more, if they don’t have enough of a particular species or we want to put in a special order they are very responsive, working out timings with us and sorting our requests. What’s more their plants are beautifully healthy and they are now able to deliver, another major plus point, and their prices are very reasonable. 
This year we were delighted with a large batch of young native tree and shrub plants grown in rootrainters, again all healthy and ready to plant. I asked Steve for a bit of advice about the hedge we were establishing and he was full of useful advice and planting tips and clearly had a huge wealth of experience to draw from which is invaluable. 
At Woodmeadow Trust, not only do we consider ourselves particularly fortunate to have such a fine nursery growing wildflowers of local provenance but the fact that at the same time Mires Beck is a charity, providing work experience and social therapeutic horticulture to adults who live with many challenges, is remarkable. I trust they will continue to thrive: they will certainly be our number one go to nursery!" ~ Rosalind (Wood Meadow Trust) 
We are working with a new customer called Bioscapes who is producing a range of wildflower Arks being used to add biodiversity to areas lacking in natural habitat.  
For a bespoke projects (including soil rejuventation, conservation, new woodland, etc), please click on the button below to email a full description of your requirements and location: 
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