Mires Beck Teams 

The charity employs 44 full and part time members of staff, including business apprentices and is an important employer in rural East Yorkshire. Our people are caring, enthusiastic individuals dedicated to the welfare of our service users and the quality of work produced. They are highly regarded by the families of the community and they are trained to deliver the best outcomes for the charity’s aims. 
The team delivers the CARE approach adopted at the nursery which embraces all of our community individuality. Training is ongoing throughout the year and every August we close for one week to repeat compliance training needed as an adult day care provider. We are working towards offering accredited horticultural and arboricultural training as well as teaching crafts and cookery. These classes are open to any service user. Please contact us for more information. 

Wildflower Team 

The team works hard to produce many thousands of Yorkshire provenance wildflowers every year. These plants help enhance the rich wildlife potential of our glorious county. They now have a comprehensive seed stock and collect most varieties on site from the abundance planted at the nursery. They also grow tens of thousands of Phragmites (common reeds) for sale to wetlands all over the UK. They have a specialist knowledge in this horticulture and have many large projects we supply annually. 
Read more about Wildflowers Here.  
The Wildflowers Team also manages the conservation projects onsite alongside the grounds care team. Click Here to read about conservation at Mires Beck. 

Perennial Team 

The Team is responsible for the production and care of over 300 of varieties Herbaceous Perennials. Many are bought in as plugs, but also we produce our own through seed sowing, cuttings and division. The fantastic quality of plants produced by the team with the careful supervision of our experienced and knowledgeable plant experts, provide the charity with the ability to wholesale and retail at the nursery and also to attend external plant fairs. 
They enter plant shows and have a history of awards for both the quality and displays of plants the perennial team have produced. They’re usually found in or around the glasshouse, potting up, weeding or cutting back. As we approach the end of the summer season the team prepares for sale our jute bags of spring bulbs and in winter dress the pots for the dwarf Christmas trees we sell at our Christmas fairs.  

Grounds Care Team 

The work is very varied in the Grounds Care Team. They maintain the 14 acre rural horticultural site and carry out all the countryside management our nursery, meadows and woodland requires. This is a huge undertaking of mowing meadows, planting wildflowers throughout the woods and managing the planting of young trees. From splitting giant logs and clearing pathways in the woods, to felling trees for conservation or to fuel our log burners. They support the conservation aims and help with developing the projects around the site. The team maintains our rabbit proof boundaries and general fencing requirements as well as general path maintenance around the nursery. Access to the site is also maintained by the team who regularly manage the vital work to the rural approach road for all traffic into the nursery.  

Tree Team 

The team grow thousands of trees every year, all from a certified supply of British seed and grown in root trainers. These trees create new woodlands and hedges to help support conservation projects across the county. We are also working with business to provide companies with trees to help to offset their carbon footprint. 
Read about our Tree Nursery Here. 

Anniversary Garden Team 

Here is a place of creativity, horticulture and art therapy, for our service users who need more personal care due to more profound physical challenges. They are a team of 7 service users and 3 members of staff whose aim is to keep everyone engaged and happy while developing new skills along the way. These include improving individual mental focus, improving overall wellness, dexterity and physical ability. The varied activities are also aimed at promting a calming atmosphere for the service users to feel relaxed. They enjoy potting up plants, lots of singing, craft session, nature walks and games. 

Kitchen Team 

The Kitchen Team has been up and running since the Oasis was opened in 2010, when they were then providing about 15 meals a day. They are now cooking at least double that number for our service users and staff, with a team that comprises of Janet and 3 service users. 
Everyone is involved in all aspects of the kitchen operation, from choosing menus and food preparation, to setting tables and washing the pots and pans. They are taught all the principles of food hygiene. The team also bakes cakes for special occasions including trainees birthdays, events held on site and for visitors to the nursery who attend our gardening club talks. They also bake for our weekend pop up café. 


Mires Beck Nursery is open to the public and managed by a team of 3 retail staff who help with customer service and assist the plant rotation and displays on the nursery. They are knowledgeable and can help you understand the bed and bench layout if you have never visited before. The team works from March to October and during the winter help where needed within the craft teams. We are working to expand onsite retail and sell more of the wood craft made throughout the autumn. 

Garden Team 

The garden team take care of all the wonderful flower beds and garden borders on our site. The flower beds inspire our customers and demonstrate different gardening styles which Alice our Head Gardener is developing around the nursery. They weed, water, prune, cut back and plant out lots of different herbaceous plants, herbs and shrubs. They sow seeds, take cuttings, pot-up bulbs and plants, and even grow fruit and vegetables.  
Our vegetables provide food for the kitchen team who prepare lunch daily. This year onsite we are expanding our vegetable garden, which is managed by Suzanne who is a regular volunteer and we have added over 10 new extra large vegetable beds to broaden the variety we also hope to start to sell summer 2020.  

Herb Team 

We teach our service users about growing good quality herbs, from seed sowing and potting on, to displaying and selling to our customers. We are currently supplying herbs weekly to over 10 garden centres within the county and this year we have collaborated with the Friends of Mires Beck to create a new herb recipe book featuring the herbs at Mires Beck available now. We encourage and develop their skills in a friendly and fun way. In the winter the team is engaged to make a variety of herb planters, insect boxes and bug hotels, which are very popular.  
Click Here to find out more about our Herbs. 

Plant Prep Team 

The Plant Prep Team are a small team with 4 to 5 service users, and from March to September they are busy preparing orders for Garden Centres and farm shops. The service users are able to collect customer orders and prepare them for dispatch and are very proud to see our plants when we visit our customers to tend their displays. This means that the team are in charge of collecting orders, weeding the plants, passporting, then printing a point of sale for the garden centres. The quality of the plants dispatched by the team is credit to the standard of plants grown and enhances our reputation as a serious grower for garden centres around the county.  
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