We are very grateful for any fundraising or donations to help the charity, either from individuals, groups or corporate sponsorship. 
Each year we look to the community and to business to provide help to the nursery in terms of donations, sponsorship activities, plant and tree orders, carbon offsetting tree procurement and corporate volunteering. 
Mires Beck is helped by a valuable group of supporters and sponsors who work tirelessly to raise money for the charity. Over the years monies raised have contributed to the facility and providing a wonderful environment in which the service users can experience working with horticulture. We are also supported with a Friends of Mires Beck membership scheme where the members raise money to facilitate recreational activities and necessary site improvements which directly benefit the service users. The nursery is dependent on these generous donations, to provide a growing facility to answer to the demand for places for people with learning difficulties. The impact of continuous investment at the charity is a quality facility where people want to come and learn. Our supporters are also volunteers who help with service user development and with maintenance and events at the nursery. 
You can help Mires Beck in a number of ways: 

Friends Of Mires Beck 

We have a 'Friends' membership whose aim is to support the charity with fundraising and volunteer support. Your continued participation is invaluable to the future of the nursery. 
The Friends of Mires Beck are a seperate independently run organisation with their own commitee who meet 4 times a year, as well as holding an annual general meeting. The Friends discuss future fundraising activities on behalf of the charity and help decide what the charity will spend this money on. They send all the members of Friends a newsletter 3 times a year. As a member benefit we offer the Friends members a 15% off discount on all of their plant purchases. 

Businesses & Organisations 

We are supported by generous fundraising activities of local businesses and membership organisations without which we could not provide the environment we have for our trainees. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for both fundraising and physical volunteering onsite. We are able to provide regular, varied projects for your employees to volunteer at the nursery and all are welcomed by the staff and trainees who would work alongside your teams. 

Firends of Mires Beck - Herb Recipe Book 

The Friends of Mires Beck have designed a Herb Recipe Book as their contribution to the new Mires Community Building which is for sale at the nursery. 

Corporate Funding 

Here at Mires Beck Nursery, we welcome all businesses the opportunity to take part in doing some community volunteering. We would really benefit from your skills, expertise, and people power that can help to build our charity. There are always projects to get involved in and right now our main projects are: 
Building the Mires Community Barn for a nature learning and rural craft centre 
Planting of a further 2,000 trees to help the woodland expansion project 
Build of new shade hall for plants for shadfy areas 
Wood preserving all the fences and benches on site 
Multiple ongoing seasonal horticultural tasks to aid production 
If you are interested in taking part in one of these projects please Contact Us. We will provide you with a Corporate Funding Workpack that gives you more information on and associated costs, what to do to take part in any of these projects, as well as how the day will be planned.  
Our recent volunteers had an amazing day with our teams and service users and we can certainlu guarentee your employeees will experience a great sense of satisfaction and purpose in helping our charity.  

Donate time and skills 

Whether it's a one-off or something you can do on a regular basis, volunteering is good all round. As well as making a positive contribution to the happiness of others, it's a great way to meet people, get the most out of your local area and to increase your own happiness and wellbeing. We would particularly like help from any trades who can give time to help. 

Legacy donations 

If are considering naming Mires Beck as a chosen charity in your Will or during your estate planning, please seek specialist advice from a trusted legal representative. If you would like more information about how legacy donations help our work at Mires Beck, please get in touch. 

Gift Aid 

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate 

Future expansion - can you help? 

We are currently planning a major expansion project at Mires Beck Nursery. We would be keen to talk to anyone who can offer help to realise this expansion and upgrade project. If any of the the ideas listed below would appeal we will happily coordinate support from our side. Please take a look and get in touch
Charitable Donation for any aspect of the project. 
Company sponsorship for the charity. 
Pledge of specific building materials for the construction of the Community Hub. 
Pledge of equipment for the interior of the project for example; bathrooms/kitchen/office equipment/IT. 
Pledge of any contribution funds, labour or equipment for infrastructure elements to improve services including for example electrics/Wi-Fi/septic systems. 
Pledge of manpower for construction/decoration. 
Match giving for employee sponsorship activities for the charity. 
Pledge of ground surface materials to improve the car park. 
Pledge of labour and equipment to help improve the car park facility. 
Pledge of funds towards new bike stand. 
Pledge of manpower to help dismantle the car park barn. 
Pledge of funds toward the new barn and tractor store. 
Pledge of funds or labour to produce a new wooden hut to expand retail. 
Pledge of funds towards a new mini bus to bring more service users. 
Donation of materials for marketing purposes. 
Donation of administrative staff time to help document the bid for funds. 
Pledge of time to assist the of project management of the expansion project. 
Promotion of our cause in the workplace and community to attract fundraising ideas for the project. 
Corporate volunteering donations for employee projects we can organise at the charity. 
Booking of Oasis hub for events. 
Purchasing of plants/trees for landscaping projects. 
Purchasing of trees for carbon emissions offsetting. 
Adoption of trees in woodland. 
Buying plants from the nursery for home. 
Volunteering at the charity which helps save on additional staff cost 
Help produce and sell plants/trees and vegetables 
Help with estate maintenance and repairs and small to medium scale timber construction projects 
Help with conservation area maintenance 
Help at events 
Make craft for fairs to help raise money for the service user provisions 

Gift Vouchers 

Mires Beck Gift Vouchers can be used in payment for a tree sponsorship as well as plants and herbs from our Nursery. Please get in touch with us about purchasing gift vouchers for friends or family. 
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