Mires Beck Logo 

Our Brand logo represents our 2 founders who were both horticulturalists and plant conservation specialists in wildflowers. The newts represent the Great Crested Newt we have on site which are nationally protected. In the logo they act as gatekeepers of a safeguarded nursery for our service users who are also protected. 

Back To School! 

Much of the branded merchandise is great for children with books, pencils, pens and rulers that convey the spirit of our charity and conservation work at the nursery and ties in well with many a school environmental action plans. 
We also have mugs and tea towels for parents and grandparents which are great gifts in aid of supporting a local charity. 

Why Put Our Brand On Merchandise? 

We feel this merchandise is a great way to share our story and encourage people to support our conservation efforts in purchasing a souvenir of their visit to Mires Beck alongside any plants that may be bought on the visit. have This helps us raise more money to enhance our site for our service users and gives us material for fundraising initiatives. 

Our Branded Merchandise: 

Purple Note Book - £1.75 
Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Rubber - £1.50 
Mugs - £7.50 
Green Note Book - £1.75 
Purple Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Pencils - £4.95 
Button badge - £1.50 
Pink Note Book - £1.75 
Pink Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Pens - £2.00 

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please click on this link

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