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Meet Lucy 

Hello everyone! 
I am the Communications and Marketing Apprentice of Mires Beck Nursery, and my job is to digitally communicate with the public about the charity, our horticultural expertise and to the service users/trainees who have not been able to join us through these pandemic and lockdown periods. 
The reason I am doing this digital engagement apprenticeship is to gain practical experience to help me is follow my passion to work in conservation because I am passionate about conserving our rivers, lakes and oceans. My dream is to someday have a career in Marine Conservation where I engage people about why it is so important to look after the environment around us and spread awareness. There are so many people who still do not take global warming, pollution, overfishing (I could go on) seriously, because they have not been made aware of those matters as much as they should be. 
I am originally from Norfolk, but I came to Yorkshire to do an internship with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Part of the reason I stayed was because of the beautiful landscapes that Yorkshire has, and because of the conservation up here. At Mires Beck Nursery we provide organisations (such as HEYwoods) with trees to help with the Government’s Green Action Plan. As I mentioned earlier, one of my passions is about reducing climate change, and Mires Beck Nursery is so perfect for that because we encourage our customers to buy our plants to grow their own fruit and vegetable gardens to prevent them from having to travel to shops as much. Altogether, as a community, working to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. 
While I have been volunteering and gaining experience in the conservation sector, I have found out that in the future I would love to have careers in project work, education, fundraising, and engagement. 
Since I left my first year of sixth form (2017), I have been practically volunteering in conservation, and throughout my years of volunteering, I have been engaging with people about conserving our oceans and rivers at stalls at events, teaching in after school clubs, making educational videos, and helping with practical volunteering sessions teaching people how to help the environment. 
Companies/charities I have volunteered at are: Norfolk Rivers Trust, Pensthorpe Natural Park, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust so Mires Beck follows a line of key organisations working toward environmental goals. 
Recently at Mires Beck Nursery, I have been doing a ‘Share A Green Heart’ campaign about climate change which is originally from the CAFOD charity. This is something I worked hard on, and am hoping that it will make a difference, so please watch our video. The UK’s first lockdown decreased our climate change levels, but they have now increased back up again. We need to remember what we were doing during the first lockdown that reduced our CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels and try our best to make that the new normal. Here is a graph from https://www.co2.earth/daily-co2 that shows the year 2020’s first lockdown. 
Also from this website, it shows the percentage increase of carbon dioxide in 1 year: February 29th 2020 (414.12ppm), February 28th 2021 (416.67ppm). That is a total increase of 2.55ppm (0.62%) in one year. When I was doing my Tomorrow’s Natural Leader internship with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, I was the leader of the Campaign Team, where we created an educational video about the benefits of that first lockdown, and how we all need to learn from that lifestyle to create a ‘greener generation’. 
Fun facts about me: 
I am a PADI Rescue Diver and have dived in Croatia and Turkey. 
I am a grade 8 violinist, and 2 year ago I performed at the Royal Albert Hall (London). 
I passed my black belt in Taekwondo when I was 12 years old. 
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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