Mires Beck has an official horticultural training program which is delivered by Charlotte who teaches all new service users and further develops the training for the existing teams each year. The service users build up a portfolio of their skills in propagation, potting up, plant care, plant identification and health and safety. We hold an awards ceremony at the end of each year to celebrate everyone’s achievements. 
We are committed to continuous improvement at the nursery and regularly ensure all staff have undertaken appropriate training for compliance. We train on Health & Safety, First Aid, Safeguarding, Administering of prescribed drugs, and annually hold a week’s closure to train on understanding conditions our service users must live with. This would include understanding Autism and Dementia. 
Our operation will introduce our service users to new methods of plant care and within the Estates Team, the people are witness to many different activities and are trained to use the tools appropriately. 
Within our kitchen team we train the service users on the compliance of food hygiene but they are also taught how to plan a meal and cook the ingredients. 

Helping the Service Users through Covid-19 

This year we have experienced the isolation of our service users due to COVID 19. During this period we have delivered all 100 service users a weekly work pack to keep up their horticultural knowledge and have also added some of the creative art that would normally be carried out during the autumn. 
To act as a full reminder and for re -emerging of the service users with their day care provision, we have made a series of videos about the nature on offer at Mires Beck aimed at promoting knowledge of the 5 senses and we will take the trainees through an ‘in – house’ certificate process to understand the work pack aligned to the series. 


Your sense of touch is made up of a network of receptors in your skin, forming the largest sensory system in your body. The organs are simple receptors connected by nerves. The receptors sense pressure on the skin which is how you feel touch. 


The sense of taste is the perception produced or stimulated when a substance in the mouth reacts chemically with taste receptor cells located on your taste buds. 


For the sense of smell a molecule is released from a substance (such as fragrance from a flower) then it stimulates special nerve cells (called olfactory cells) found high up in the nose. These nerve cells then send information to the brain, where the specific smell is identified. 


To be able to hear, sound waves enter the ear canal and travel toward our eardrums. The sound waves cause the eardrum and bones in the middle ear to vibrate. Tiny hair cells inside your ear convert these vibrations into electric impulses/signals that are picked up by the auditory nerve. 


The sense of sight involves a complicated process of converting light signals into images in the brain. Light passes through the lens, where it is focused, to the retina where photo-receptors called rods and cones convert the information to electrical impulses that can be interpreted by the brain 
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