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Our Plant Varieties 

Please click on the button below to see the varities of plants that we do: 

Mires Beck Gin 

Please click on the button to take you to the Hooting Owl website who are selling our gin on their site. We hope you love this gin as much as we do and thank you for supporting the charity. The recipe has been made with herbs lovingly produced by our service users and the flavour is as unique as each one who has contributed to it. 

Latest Vendors at Retail Hut 

Louise's Lovelies 

Saratomali Designs 

Emma Bateman 

Forme Steel 

Jill Rymer 

Kwirky Kards 

Latest Retail News 

Thanks to the Two Ridings Fund and the company who helped build this, we now have disabled access in our retail area! We hope this will make our nursery easier for people to roam around and access. 

Customer Reviews 

"The nursery is so beautiful and has a lovely natural environment. The plants being so healthy are in addition to how knowledgable and helpful Louise was, and I thank her for helping me choose the plants I needed for my garden!" ~ annonymous retail customer 
“What an amazingly professional place Mires Beck is. Wonderful selection of plants, beautifully set out. Will not look anywhere else after my visit today. Well done to all the staff and trainees!” 
L Williams 

Award Winning Plants at Mires Beck 

Our public nursery and open gardens attract many visitors each year and we are working with Welcome To Yorkshire to register as a local attraction and tourism destination. 
Our main source of retail income at Mires Beck Nursery is through the wide variety of plants we grow for your garden and also our trade suppliers. We specialise in Hardy Perennials, Herbs, Wildflowers, Shrubs and Phragmites. We do sell trees that we are growing for commercial volume orders but they are not mature trees. You can find out more about the plants we stock on our plants page. and about our trees on our tree nursery page.  
We are a large open nursery but not a large garden centre in terms of sundry items available at other garden centres and charity activity restricts what we are able to sell, but we are embarking on expansion of retail to include compost and some sundry items aligned to plant propagation. We also sell all of the craft products made throughout the year by our service users and volunteers alongside our new Mires Beck branded souvniers featuring our Newt mascots Richard & Irene. 
Our retail area sits amongst the bed nursery where you are free to roam and select plants for purchase as well as from our retial displays. We have extremely knowledgable staff who will help you with questions as to stock available and location on the nursery beds and can advise as to planting .  
Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm. We are also open Saturday to Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. ( Please see current COVID-19 resrrictions.) 


Our trainees are taught many varied crafts, either for recreation, to make products for retail and various fairs we take part in, or by attending classes when we invite teachers in to demonstrate. These activities increase focus, helps express creativity, improves dexterity and allow trainees to understand how to communicate in a group setting. 

Examples available to purchase on-site include: 


Mires Beck Gifts Our Brand Souvenirs 

Mires Beck Logo 

Our Brand logo represents our 2 founders who were both horticulturalists and plant conservation specialists in wildflowers. The newts represent the Great Crested Newt we have on site which are nationally protected. In the logo they act as gatekeepers of a safeguarded nursery for our service users who are also protected. 

Back To School! 

Much of the branded merchandise is great for children with books, pencils, pens and rulers that convey the spirit of our charity and conservation work at the nursery and ties in well with many a school environmental action plans. 
We also have mugs and tea towels for parents and grandparents which are great gifts in aid of supporting a local charity. 

Why Put Our Brand On Merchandise? 

We feel this merchandise is a great way to share our story and encourage people to support our conservation efforts in purchasing a souvenir of their visit to Mires Beck alongside any plants that may be bought on the visit. have This helps us raise more money to enhance our site for our service users and gives us material for fundraising initiatives. 

Our Branded Merchandise: 

Purple Note Book - £1.75 
Green Note Book - £1.75 
Pink Note Book - £1.75 
Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Purple Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Pink Fridge Magnet - £2.25 
Rubber - £1.50 
Pencils - £4.95 
Pens - £2.00 
Mugs - £7.50 
Button badge - £1.50 
Men's/Women's Socks - £4.50 
Men's/Women's Socks - £4.50 
Men's/Women's Socks - £4.50 

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please click on this link

Visit our Retail Area to see the selection available or order by contacting sales@miresbeck.co.ukPlease give our woodworkers and volunteers 14 days notice to make your bird feeders, bug hotels and bird houses. 

New bird feeders - £9 each 

Bug hotels to order! 

Bird houses - £7 each 

Herbs Recipe Book 

Public Classes & Courses 

We run public courses throughout the year at the nursery including willow weaving with Leilah Vyner, wreath making with Gillian Tomlinson and wood carving with Allen Stichler and will be newly introducing loom weaving and more throughout the autumn months.  
Our classes are either held in our central Oasis building or in one of our working greenhouses. The course durations vary from one day classes to two day weekend courses. Please subscribe to the newsletter to see what is available or visit our What's On page to book. 
We wish to best utilise our wonderful outdoor, peaceful environment to offer wellness activities and will also use the Oasis which has the benefit of Woolly Sheep sound clouds to help soften the acoustics. 

Gift Vouchers 

Mires Beck Gift Vouchers can be used in payment for a class, a show and tree sponsorship, as well as plants and herbs from our Nursery. Please get in touch with us about purchasing gift vouchers for friends or family. 
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