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Conservation Week at Mires Beck 

Conservation Week is about our natural surroundings and how we view the world. 

Our Conservation at Mires Beck 

At Mires Beck Nursery, we are spreading the population of the rare Clustered Bellflower to organisations, such as Siemens Gamesa. Siemens have got a car park with green space around it, and they want to make it more attractive to wildlife, without any maintanence, which is why they have come to us for wildflowers. 
Another business that we are currently providing for at the moment is ABP (Associated British Ports), who is the UK's leading port owner and operator. 
Siemens Gamesa and ABP were brought to us by the amazing Humber Nature Partnership, who has worked with us before and recommended us to these incredible businesses. 
For the past 2 years, we have been supplying Hull Butterfly City with Alder Buckthorn to protect the Brimstone Butterfly. 
Brimstone Butterflies will lay their eggs onto Alder Buckthorn, and when they hatch into caterpillars, they will eat it. 

Our Wildflowers 

Many of our wildflowers are spreading naturally through wind, rain, bird feaces, and pollinators. We also help some of our wildflowers spread by cutting them in September every year, which encourages the scattering of seeds and re-growth. 
Our wildflowers overall have brought in bees, hoverflies and insects, which all pollinate the plants. 
We have an unusually high diversity of wildlife across our 14 acres, and it is a rich host for Yorkshire bird spotting. Our woodland meadow has brought in woodmice and pigmi-shrews, meaning it has also attracted Kestrels and Barn Owls. We also have our beautiful beck running alongsite our site which creates the diversity of water voles, dragonflies, and aquatic life. 
We also pick the seeds of 100 species from Yorkshire, which are all native to Yorkshire, and we grow 60 species here. Wildflowers attract lots of insects and birds, bringing wildlife to our site. 

Our Phragmites 

Phragmites are found all over the world, and are habitats for a whole range of wildlife, including harvest mice, and Britain's smallest mammals. 
We provide phragmites for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's North Cave Wetlands. 

Our Newts 

Here at Mires Beck, we have all 3 species of newt (Palamate, Smooth, and Great Crested) thanks to our pond! On open days you can come and do pond dipping in our pond, and you can find all sorts of wildlife, including our precious newts! 
Did you know that Great Crested Newts are on the Red List, which means they are rare and endangered! 
The newts in our company logo is the recognition of our conservation towards newts, and to show our fame for having these Great Crested Newts on our site. 

What You Could Do To Help 

Our fabulous service users, volunteers and woodworkers have been hard at work making our famous bug hotels and insect boxes for you and the family! We have even made a special addition for children, which includes an empty insect box, and they can either buy a bag of dried cow parsley or they can collect things from their garden to put in their insect box, and see what cool mini-beasts they can attract! 
Please donate to us to enable us to make more bug hotels and insect houses, and to help us conserve our 14 acre site. 
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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