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Nature Photography Day at Mires Beck 

Nature Photography Day is a chance to experience the breaktaking scenery of nature and to catch it on camera! 
Formed in 1994, and with over 100 nature photographers, the North American Nature Photography Association was born. They wanted to spread the amazements of photography through conservation and awareness. They invented Nature Photography Day to help bring awareness to their photography work, and to encourage others to find beauty in nature and to capture it on camera. 
At Mires Beck, we love our nature photography! I personally love going round and taking pictures of our plants for sale for my 'Plant of the Week's and plant videos. We have had nests and eggs recently, which we hope will pop open for baby birds to say hello. 
In our conservation area in our wildflower meadow, we have recently seen the Orange-Tip Butterfly! Caterpillars love our Cuckoo Flowers where they find great food source, and after staying in our wildflower meadow eventually turn into butterflies! We have Teasel as well, which attracts Gold-Crest Birds as they love to pick the seed out to eat. We have also seen Brimstone Butterflies, dameselflies, dragonflies, and lots of bumblebees, some of which are ground-nesting in our sandy soil. 
A lot of our wildflowers are food plants for butterflies and moths. We always want as much of a diversity of plants as possible, as some birds and insects prefer certain plant species to others, such as moths preferring to lay their eggs on certain plants more than others, such as Foxgloves. We also have migrating butterflies, and Gold-Crest Birds, as they love picking the seed out and eating it. Attracting insects with our wildflowers is also great for attracting different birds to feed, such as the Song Thrush, who we have seen nesting recently! 
Go out for a walk to your local greenspace and find that picturesque shot of nature. Who knows...you may even find your new favourite spot that you had never noticed or taken in before! We would love to see your amazing photography, so please tag us in our Facebook (@miresbecknursery), Twitter (@MiresBeck), and Instagram (@miresbeck). Use the hashtag #NaturePhotographyDay to join in with the social media fun! 
Please donate to us to help us keep producing our beautiful plants, and to help us buy equipment for our service users to be able to enjoy and learn about nature. 
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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