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Sustainable Gastronomy Day at Mires Beck 

Gastronomy is sometimes referred to as 'the art of food'. It refers to local food and cuisine. 
Sustainability refers to something that is done in a non-wasteful way of our natural resources, and it can be continued in the future without harming our environment. 
Therefore, sustainable gastronomy refers to where the ingredients are from, how the food is grown, and how it gets to our shops, and onto our plates. 
At Mires Beck Nursery, our dedicated volunteer, Suzanne (the leader of our vegetable team), and our garden team service users use seeds from Kings Seed, with peat-free compost, and they sell the fruit and vegetable plants they grow in our retail area. By using raised beds, they are taking advantage of the natural soil, and are building it up in layers by adding organic matter as they go along. As they don't dig up the soil, and they continue to add organic matter, which adds extra layers, they give the bed a deep nutritious base without using any chemicals. 
All of the seed originates from Britain, which means local people can buy vegetables that have been grown on the spot, rather than buying something in a supermarket that has travelled a long distance. For example, in supermarkets, some green beans come from Kenya. 
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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