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Persons with Disabilities Day at Mires Beck 

Persons with Disabilities Day promotes equality for people with disabilities in all areas of society. The society we live in does not cater for people with disabilities, and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 15% of the world's population are considered to have some kind of disability. 
This special day was first announced by the United Nation in 1992, with the aim of improving disability rights and protecting people with disabilities' wellbeings. In 2010, there were steps taken to increase employment of people with disabilities. 
This years theme of 2020, is 'Not All Disabilities Are Visible'. Examples of non-visible disabilities are mental illnesses, learning difficulties, chronic pain, sight/hearing impairments, and many more. 
The reason for this theme this year is because of the amount of people who have suffered with mental health this year due to COVID-19. We have all come together this year as a community, and we still need to respect and be kind to each other in these difficult times. 
We at Mires Beck are creating a new website, to explain in further depth what a disability is, and will be talking to you more about hidden disabilities. We will be putting up stories about our service users, and how much they enjoy working at Mires Beck Nursery. 
Our service users find Mires Beck Nursery a safe haven, where they can work for us because we accept them. They have always been so helpful to us as they've helped us produce our plants and trees to sell at our shop and sell to other companies. 
Please help them have better working facilities by donating to us on our Just Giving website
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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