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Statement for the Expansion of Mires Beck Nursery 

For 25 years Mires Beck Charity has been a busy horticultural nursery and conservation programme in the heart of rural East Riding of Yorkshire. Every week it plays host to a combined work force of 80 staff and volunteers, who care for 100 adults with learning and physical disabilities. The nursery is a specialist wildflower and tree nursery, providing stock to many Yorkshire conservation projects and is an award-winning perennials supplier to garden centres in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. 
The facility is a place of friendship where social skills are developed, and a mutual human respect exists between all involved in the charity’s work. The sense of place and safe community gives the service users a greater sense of independence where they can express their individuality. Our community support has been essential over the years and all contributions can be seen in the development of the facility to date and in provisions for our service users. Being supported locally enables sponsors the ability to actually see the benefits of the help they have given to the charity. 
Looking to the future and the long term place in the heart of the community, Mires Beck needs to expand its facility to provide improved arrangements particularly for physical disability and to be able to offer the care expected by parents to give their children a full and varied experience from their day care provision. The requirement for space for further therapy activities and sensory quiet space is needed to develop the Anniversary Garden offer, but overall an expanded facility is being designed to offer a host of benefits not available currently in our current community hub. 
The 14 acres of green space which make up Mires Beck Nursery is being configured in current plans to answer the demand for change as we expand our horticultural operations and to deliver on our aspiration for a new building. Both of these running concurrently will provide new places for service users and a sustainable charity for the foreseeable future. In addition we hope that the facility will act as a community hub, with a focus on creating a meeting place open to those people needing a space where they can come to join group activities, relax and revive, where interaction with teachers and service users in a place made beautiful by our gardening team, will provide mutual benefit. The storyline originated by the service users of ‘A Place to Grow, A Place to Go’ remains our guide in designing a new multi-purpose hub. 
James Mason, CEO of Welcome To Yorkshire talks about the expansion plans at Mires Beck 

Help us raise funds 

We now need to reach out to all local support networks that know of the good work ongoing at the nursery or being newly informed about the charity for the first time. The cost of the new building will exceed the £1m mark and the facility upgrade to support the new premises will equally be an amount the charity must look to fund. We are developing an approach that works for business, community and families which we hope will match the grant funding applications that will support the aims to deliver this facility. This seeks to provide the benefits for our community of service users and their families, but also addresses the community need for a meeting place for further health and wellness and sits in line with our ‘Mires Beck Cares’ approach to this fundraising. 
Contact us to see how you can help on 01482 421543 or info@miresbeck.co.uk

Tree Adoption 

If you would like to adopt a tree as a family tree, memorial or celebratory gift, please click here. To see a map of our adopted trees, please click on the button below. 
When you adopt a tree from our charity, you get a lovely thank you card from us! 
If you would like help with this, contact us on 01482 421543 or info@miresbeck.co.uk
Charitable Donation for any aspect of the project. 
Company sponsorship for the charity. 
Pledge of specific building materials for the construction of the Community Hub. 
Pledge of equipment for the interior of the project for example; bathrooms/kitchen/office equipment/IT. 
Pledge of any contribution funds, labour or equipment for infrastructure elements to improve services including for example electrics/Wi-Fi/septic systems. 
Pledge of manpower for construction/decoration. 
Match giving for employee sponsorship activities for the charity. 
Pledge of ground surface materials to improve the car park. 
Pledge of labour and equipment to help improve the car park facility. 
Pledge of funds towards new bike stand. 
Pledge of manpower to help dismantle the car park barn. 
Pledge of funds toward the new barn and tractor store. 
Pledge of funds or labour to produce a new wooden hut to expand retail. 
Pledge of funds towards a new mini bus to bring more service users. 
Donation of materials for marketing purposes. 
Donation of administrative staff time to help document the bid for funds. 
Pledge of time to assist the of project management of the expansion project. 
Promotion of our cause in the workplace and community to attract fundraising ideas for the project. 
Corporate volunteering donations for employee projects we can organise at the charity. 
Booking of Oasis hub for events. 
Purchasing of plants/trees for landscaping projects. 
Purchasing of trees for carbon emissions offsetting. 
Adoption of trees in woodland. 
Buying plants from the nursery for home. 
Volunteering at the charity which helps save on additional staff cost 
Help produce and sell plants/trees and vegetables 
Help with estate maintenance and repairs and small to medium scale timber construction projects 
Help with conservation area maintenance 
Help at events 
Make craft for fairs to help raise money for the service user provisions 
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