Wildflower Week at Mires Beck 

Wildflower Week is always on the first full week of May, because it's a great time to look at the blooming flowers that make our beautiful landscapes. 
Wildflowers create habitats and a food source for pollinators, such as bumblebees. They also reduce erosion and conserve water. 
Mires Beck has a 30 year old history of producing perennial wildflowers of Yorkshire provenance and supplies large scale conservation projects around the country with over 150 varieties we grow onsite to order. This work is carried out by our charity service users with learning difficulties, and they are fundamental in our success story. In terms of retail stock available, we make provision for our most popular species to help people establish wildflower areas and improve biodiversity in their gardens, but the wildflowers selection is not available all at the same time depending on the period in the growing season they are showing. During Wildflower Week we will have a facts sheet to help you understand the difference between annual and perennial wildflowers you can pick up at the nursery. 
Please visit us at any time and help the charity with purchases and donations to help us maintain the facility to continue to teach our service users to produce wildflowers, expand our wildflower space, and allow us to produce more. 
All projects require fundraising and we are always looking for new sponsors and volunteers to help us realise the future aspirations to maintain the charity and help it to thrive. If you would like to help please contact us.  
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