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A guide to Perennials 
What is a perennial? 
A perennial is a plant that will flower continuously year after year. They die down in autumn and they come back to life in spring. Perennials bring a lot of colour to your garden throughout the year except during the winter. Some examples of a perennial are: Heuchera's, Dahlia's, Lupin's, Rudbeckia and there are many more.  
How to grow them? 
We buy them in as plugs then we pot them up into either 9cm pots or 1ltr pots. The 1ltr pots once rooted go out onto the sales beds and the 9cm pots get potted up into 2ltr pots. 
How do our service users help? 
Here at the charity we put our service users to the job. The bare roots plant come in through January and we pot them up as soon as possible which every service user will help out with. Our service users will help by: potting up, plant passporting, labelling up, checking the stock, tidying up the plants (weeding etc), help out with the other teams, cut back, water. 
How long does it need in the greenhouse? 
The perennials will stay in the greenhouse until they are rooted in. A plant that is in a 1ltr pot will need roughly 4weeks in the greenhouse. A plant that is in a 2ltr pot will need roughly 6-8weeks in the greenhouse. 
How long does it need in the polytunnels? 
The plants will stay in the polytunnels until they are rooted in. This time frame will depend on how well the weather has been but each batch will stay in here for a few weeks. 
How long does it need in the shade hall? 
Some plants can take a lot longer than others to root in so therefore need a longer time in the shade hall but each plant can roughly take a couple of months. However, the shady plants will stay in the shade hall until they are sold. 
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