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What is Eco-therapy? 
More and more doctors are prescribing non-clinical tactics to help the mind. Eco-therapy is one of those. Whether you struggle with mental health issues or the stresses and strains of daily life, we've put together a guide on how and why eco-therapy is the best way to help your health. Mires Beck Nursery is a charity that specialises in delivering this therapy to those who struggle with a learning difficulty. Eco-therapy or green therapy is a term for nature-based approaches to healing. This might take place in groups, with a therapist or individually. But, it's the act of doing outdoor activities in nature for therapeutic treatment. Eco-therapy may cover the following: 
Trained therapy sessions 
Activities taking place in a green environment 
Mindfulness in the natural world 
Activities and Techniques to do 
Some activities take place with the guidance of a therapist while others are carried out individually. Some activities are done in groups while others require a one-on-one setting. Additionally, while some Eco-therapy sessions take place within the confines of an office, an effort is often made to conduct sessions in natural settings whenever possible. Some of the more common Eco-therapy activities are described below and they can be taken place here at Mires Beck Nursery on our 14 acre site with 2.5 acres being our woodland: 
Nature meditation: This meditation takes place in a natural setting, such as a park, and is sometimes done as a group therapy. Members of the group may identify something in nature which attracts them and then spend a few minutes contemplating how this aspect of nature relates to them and what they can learn from it. The activity usually ends with group members sharing what they learn. 
Horticultural therapy: The use of plants and garden-related activities can be used to promote well-being. Activities may include digging soil, planting seedlings, weeding garden beds, and trimming leaves. This type of activity may be recommended in cases of stress, burnout, and substance abuse, as well as in cases of social isolation among the elderly. This our main source of eco-therapy for our service users as it helps them develop their overall sense of wellbeing as they get a physical and mental benefit. 
Physical exercise in a natural environment: This can include activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, or doing yoga in a park or woodland. These types of activities increased awareness of the natural world and are sometimes recommended for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. 
Involvement in conservation activities: The act of restoring or conserving the natural environment can assist in creating a sense of purpose and hopefulness. Since this activity is usually done in groups, it may also help create a sense of belonging and feeling connected while simultaneously improving your mood. 
Thrive is a mental health training course that teaches people the skills and resources to overcome mental health issues and learn to thrive. Thriving people have a skill-set that makes them more robust, resilient, and confident. They feel powerful and more in control of their lives. They are less prone to stress, anxiety or depression. Thriving people find it easier to resist social pressures, take more responsibility for their physical and mental health and live a more positive and active life. 
"The environment here at Mires Beck Nursery is very therapeutic spending all day with the plants and wildlife."-Paula 
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