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What Is the International Day of Forests? 

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly made the 21st March the International Day of Forests to celebrate and raise the awareness of why forests are so important. Globally, everyone is encouraged to carry out national, local and international efforts, and organise activities that involve learning about trees and forests. 

Why Should I Care? 

The sustainable management and restoration of native forests help reduce the climate-change and biodiversity crisis happening all around the world. Forests being replanted in our generation are vital for the survival of future generations of people and animals on the planet and so we should all be invested in the part trees play in the wellbeing of all species. As well as this, forests produce services and goods that helps with sustainable development, that creates jobs and improves lives. 

What Is Mires Beck Doing About It? 

We at Mires Beck contribute towards the Northern Forest planting targets and other initiatives, by producing 25 varieties of cell grown trees to deliver the varied species needed to create a balanced eco system. In the last two years we have contributed 130,000 trees to the Northern Forest. We are expanding this operation and will have doubled the tree output by March 2023 to enable contribution to a wide variety of tree planting schemes. We work with selected tree planting organisations, voluntary and charitable which align with our charity ethos of helping to improve the lives of people through nature. 
Here are a couple of pictures of the TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) planting our trees as part of the Northern Forest. 
For landowners looking to plant trees on dormant farmland, we have listed some of the schemes available for funding: https://www.miresbeck.co.uk/mires-and-environment/supporting-government-aims/ 

How Can I Help? 

Please help us by donating to the charity to help support our varied operations and facilities, or getting involved in a fundraiser /fundraising so that we can keep growing our trees and contributing towards huge projects such as the Northern Forest
Tell your friends and family that we sell trees, and that they are welcome to buy or adopt a tree from us any time! 
You could become a tree ambassador!: 
Be enthusiastic about planting trees 
Inform Mires Beck of community projects that need native trees 
Volunteer at Mitres Beck to help grow trees 
Share our tree posts and blogs 
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